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Bob Stewart
Senior Consultant Bob Stewart was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for gallantry and leadership while commanding the British Army in Bosnia in
1992–3. He became a household name as television pictures of him standing up to war criminals were flashed around the world.

Bob was promoted to Chief of Policy and Strategy at Nato’s Military Headquarters in Europe for his last army appointment, before leaving the services.

He then moved to Hill and Knowlton where he worked for clients including the governments of Canada and Egypt, the Hughes Aircraft Corporation, American Express and the Paper Federation.

Bob became managing director of the satellite radio company, WorldSpace UK, before concentrating on writing, broadcasting, and consultancy. His book, Broken Lives, about command during the Balkan War, became a best–seller; he frequently contributes to tv and radio programmes, and remains personally involved with the tracking down of war criminals across the world.

Bob is an industrial fellow at Kingston University Business School, and a visiting lecturer at Kings College, London, and the London School of Economics.




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